Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why blogging hasn't been happening

Hey guys! High School maybe over, but life still goes on. You'd think that I'd have time to things I enjoy like reading & blogging? That I'd be on schoolies enjoying the beach & sun... Unfortantly I don't & I'm not. I'm work 36-38hour weeks, starting at 5.30am until after 2pm, trying to save money for Uni.

Another problem Uni. Since I enjoy sport so much & I like science alot, I found a course that covers both these things: a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology & also the Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science. However the Uni close to me doesn't offer these courses, so I have to save up to move away. I guess sometimes that you have to sacrifice the things you enjoy to get what you really want...

Also I in TWO weeks I find out if I get in the course I applied early entry for! It has both these courses in one & would be great if I didn't have to worry about my marks.

Also I had my Year 12 Formal last week! It was amazing & one of the best nights I've had!

What I have managed to read:
  • The Violet Eden Chapters
  • Why I let my hair grow out
  • Revived
  • The Best of Me
  • The Immortal Rules
  • Stealing Parker
  • Perfect Chemistry
  • Rules of Attraction
Also I am Currently Reading, Amy & Rodgers Epic Detour!

My TBR consists of:
  • Breath
  • Stormdancer
  • The Iron Knight
  • Alice in Zombieland
  • Safe Haven
  • The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
  • Hunting Lila
  • Saving Grace
I really hope to start blogging again soon! I have two off work coming up so hopefully I can get some planning in & post some reviews! I hope everyone is having a great time right now! Whether it is almost Summer or Winter depending where you are! I <3 Summer, Life Saver = best job ever!

So thats it for now, hope to get something up this weekend for you all to enjoy!

Keely x

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