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Hi Everyone!

I am University student studying one of the best degrees ever being B. Clinical Exercise Physiology meaning that I can become a lot of things & I can travel with this degree which is what I want. Moved away from home to uni just for this degree. I love reading and that is why I started this blog, I originally started it three years ago before stopping because of school, so since starting it back up in 2012 I have been trying to balance everything.

I love sports especially soccer & swimming, I am volunteer lifesaver when I'm at home on one of Australia's most amazing beaches (seriously Newcastle has pretty damn good beaches, mine has even had a coal ship get stuck in its reef) . I try to blog as much as I can but sometimes a lot of things get in the way like study, work & sport because I'm always doing a sport. 

To contact me:
Email- keely_rockon@yahoo.com.au
Twitter- @KeelyCrosbie
Goodreads- Keely Crosbie

Keely x

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  1. Have you ever read born wicked by Jessica Spotswood? It's really good.