Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hey everyone!!! Great news I have finished my first semester of university and now have a two and half week break! So that means while I am hopefully working, I will be posting more regularly than I have being, I have a few reviews that need to be going up and some books that need to be read. So will I am packing up my room tomorrow I will more than likely be procrastinating that and writing my Spirit review which I need to do. 

I have become slightly addicted in pinterest so I think I am going to have to share my favorite ones! They are mainly Gallagher Girls because I have been having a big re-read lately and on twitter last week Kim from two girls and a novel were tweeting a lot of GG related tweets, as well as getting others onto the GG train!

 Anna and the French Kiss

The Fault in Our Stars

Vampire Academy 

Gallagher Girls

 So you see I kind of went crazy with these quotes... some have made it to my quote wall which is now going to be going the other wall at this rate! The last few GG quotes have led me to ask WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN BUENOS AIRES! And when will I find out!

So that's it for my random update with random stuff! Later today my review of Georgetown Academy 4 will be up!

Keely xx

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