Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Hi everyone! I am less than TWO WEEKS away from finishing my first year of university! I love uni way more than high school: less drama and more fun... although the fun might be because I am living on campus, in a college having a great time. While I get to go back home and see all my family again, I will miss college a lot because I live with my friends, I only have to walk to another block, walk up some stairs and which is a lot easier than driving up to Tweed Heads, heading west towards Tamworth or down to Melbourne. Yea we are from everywhere. But heading back home also means finding a job for 4 months to help cover the cost of uni and living away from home.

Since because my exams start in less than a week (next Tuesday) I will be studying because the only classes I have for the rest of the week is Chemistry which is one hour each day... pointless. Also I have five exams to study for, not four like I would if I did pass my maths exam... two marks and I have to resit the exam, thankfully not the uni. Which also means no blogging from me until my PSYCH/Arts unit for my degree is over (I hate psychology)! 

But the one good thing that will happen after my last exam is a road trip to the coast! Even if I am going home two days later because Coffs Harbour is only two and a but hours away, perfect reason to go on a day trip. 

Keely xx

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