Monday, May 5, 2014

Review Time #58

Covert Cover Cracked by Missy Marciassa

When 23-year-old Elle can’t explain why her job as an Information Scientist at the Library of Congress keeps her so busy (because she’s actually a CIA operative who just became field rated), her boyfriend dumps her, so she decides to focus on her career and enjoy a fling.

Navy SEAL Reese Beckwith seems like the perfect fling material except the more he sees Elle, the more he wants to know about her, and she can’t resist him. Things get complicated when Reese spots her with her CIA partner, a known womanizer. His questions for Elle get more pointed: he sees the potential for more than a fling, and once he sets an objective, failure is not an option.

Yet Elle tries to keep Reese in the “fling” category as her first major assignment heats up, becoming more personal with each development. When her personal and professional lives collide, Elle is put to the test. Does she have what it takes to be a covert operative? Will she have to choose between love and her career?

This is the third book in the Covert series and it would have to be my favourite beating the first one. It has been a year since Elle went into basic training to become field rated and her first assignment after being field rated has put her in dangerous situations again. 

Preston is back and he is partners with Elle on this mission and well as to be expected Elle isn't too happy to partnered up with him. Lyle well I was never a fan of him and well I'm glad he was out of the picture after chapter 2. Elle decided that she needed a fling to get over Lyle and put what Preston told her about a fling to use. After what should have been a one night stand with Reese, a Navy SEAL who is set to be deployed in a weeks on a 6 month assignment, she never expected to run into him again.

I really liked how her relationship with Reese progressed during the book, while she was lying a lot about what she does and how she knows what she does they still managed to get along. However, Preston making appearances when she is at "work" didn't help her case that they weren't sleeping together. The mission once again hits home with Elle with someone she knows being taken hostage to keep hacking into the NSA, CIA, FBI etc. for these terrorists.

The fast past action really showed you how much Elle has changed from the first book when she didn't even know she was working for the CIA. The final few chapters when the rescue mission took place showed us that they she can do anything and that she is no longer just an analyst for the CIA but an agent. The epilogue really set it up for the next two books and the danger that Elle is going to be facing from now on and I'm excited to read more!

Rating: 5/5

Keely xx

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