Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review Time! #4

Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally
What girl doesn't want to be surrounded by gorgeous jocks day in and day out? Jordan Woods isn't just surrounded by hot guys, though-she leads them as the captain and quarterback of her high school football team. They all see her as one of the guys, and that's just fine. As long as she gets her athletic scholarship to a powerhouse university. But now there's a new guy in town who threatens her starting position... suddenly she's hoping he'll see her as more than just a teammate.(from goodreads)

As soon as I started this book I couldn't put it down (or in my case since I got the e-book turn my laptop off). It had me from the start. You meet Jordan Woods, quarterback and captain for the school's football team, did I mention Woods is a girl? She has one golden rule, don't date teammates. Which I totally get, because if you break up it can affect your whole team.

Bring in Tyler Green, Ty. Chace Crawford hot. Of course Woods is gaga for him, but Ty plays quarterback too. Once she starts dating Ty (whom I didn't like from the start) she finds out why her bestfriend got dumped by his girlfriend Carrie. Finding out your bestfriend is in love with you is tough for Woods, she doesn't know what to do and for once she isn't in control.

Sam Henry, Jordan Woods bestfriend ever since they started playing together, he sleepovers at her place head-to-toe and I think he is so much cuter than Ty! As Woods struggles to get her dads approval of her playing football, balance dating Ty and the football team, Henry not talking to her. She finds unlikely friends with Carrie and Marie, two cheerleaders.

I think that the reason that I connected with this book was that also like Jordan I'm 17(ok, two weeks away!), a senior, have no idea which Uni is right for me, I get the whole not dating a teammate thing (so glad I'm not in the same team as my boyfriend) and finding friends in unlikely people.

So I think everyone should go by the book or e-book and just read it! If you love sports, a romantic/comedy YA, Anna and the French Kiss (seriously this book reminded me so much of Anna and St. Clair!).

Don't forget that Chasing Parker, a companion to Catching Jordan will be out later this year!

Rate: 5/5

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