Monday, September 3, 2012

Guilty Pleasures #2

I don't actcually know if this is already a meme... but I thought I would share each fortnight my guilty pleasures when it comes to reading! This week I thought I'd start with a genre that I have been loving and that is Sports themed novels!
Sports Themed Novels:
Just like how my love for the beach came through for surfing themed novels, my love for sports (mainly soccer) have once again clouded my judgement and has become one of my favourite sort of theme.

Gracie Faltrain Series: This series is one my favourites as it doesn't just deal with soccer but also takes the focus away from sport to other major family values, friendship and life in general. It is just such as series that I think that I will always enjoy.

Lucy Zeezou Series: I did start this series when I was younger but I've always just enjoyed it, once again like the Gracie series it brings back to important values not just sport.

Catching Jordan: I loved this one, while it wasn't soccer it was still a great read. I think that once Stealing Parker is out, that it will be added to the list. Catching Jordan is one of the best sport themed novels i've read.

Also the surfing novels come under this as well.

So what is your guilty pleasures this week? Link yours below.

Keely x

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