Tuesday, July 16, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: Who are your book blogging BFF's?

In my uni holidays I went to the Penguin Teen Aus Live book event in Sydney, here I finally got to meet some of the book bloggers who I have meet through twitter/goodreads/ranting about books.

Kim from two girls and a novel, we finally got to meet at the PTA Live event! Kim and I share the love of the Gallagher Girls throughout twitter... a lot... at least twice a week we bring conversations back to Gallagher Girls and Zach and the fact that Ally Carter is torturing us with tweets about GG6! She even tweeted us when we were on a GG re-read and told us something that happens in GG6! Safe to say we fangirled a lot. I also got to be meet Kerrie who is also from two girls and a novel, who like me is super excited that the Socceroos are going to BRAZIL THE 2014 SOCCER WORLD CUP!

So tomorrow it is State of Origin and that means that twitter will be fuelled with Kim, Kerrie and me tweeting furiously at Lisa from Badass Bookie who is a Queenslander! The only time that we do not say nice this to Lisa, but lets face it, she does it back!

Jaz from Fiction and Ficition who I also got to meet up with at PTA Live! Jaz has pretty cool hair, it's half blue! Jaz is another blogger who I have meet through twitter and is the reason I am doing this 15 day challenge, because she found it tweeted about and I liked the idea of it!

Hannah from The Girl in a Cafe I unfortunately haven't meet Hannah yet! She lives on the other side of Australia. Like me she loves travelling and Kim and I may have got her to read Gallagher Girls... (we are trying to spread the word of the awesomeness)

Shaheen from Speculating on SpecFic I was going to meet Shaheen at the PTA Live event but unfortunately she was sick :( Shaheen has helped me out a few when I am stuck on chemistry questions which I am forever grateful for as me and chemistry don't get along much. Kim and I have also got her to read Gallagher Girls, I am pretty sure that we try to get everyone to read the series...

Other awesome Aussie book bloggers:
Keely xx


  1. Aw, love you too Keely <3

    And you're right - I'm not sure anyone can escape our GG talk. We'll push it on anyone who reads! *cough*Zachlove*cough*



    1. Kim we have gotten a lot of people on the GG wagon! *cough*ZachShirtlessCookingBacon*cough*