Thursday, July 25, 2013

Discussion Post #1

This has been something that I have want to do for a while, and after being apart of this 15 day book blogger challenge I have decide why the hell not!

What do you do when you get addicted to a book series or author?

I recently re-read a series by an author who I have loved every book that I have read by them. This being Tijan and the three books I've read Fallen Crest High, Fallen Crest Family and Broken and Screwed! I have re-read Fallen Crest High at least 8-9 times since getting the e-book, I don't know why I am addicted to these books and this author but I just can't seem to get enough.

Another series/author I am addicted to is Ally Carter. As you have probably seen though twitter and blogging, I cannot get enough of Gallagher Girls and Heist Society. I re-read these series around about once ever four months, so that is at least three times a year that I read these books all over again. Every once in a while I want to read them again, just because I can or I am stressing over uni work and want to escape into the world of Cam and Zach or Kat and Hale. 

Vampire Academy I started the series when the first four were out, so I was a little late to the VA bandwagon, but still I have re-read each of these before books 5 and 6 came out, before bloodlines came out and pretty when ever I want some hot Russian guardian to appear in my life. Unlike Ally Carter's books I left VA at home instead of bringing to uni because they are bigger than Carter's, however I do have the Bloodlines series here , mainly because the series is still going and not finished.

Miranda Kenneally's books are another that I have re-read a lot. I am addicted to these because of the sporting influence and the fact that she puts real teenage problems into her stories, they are so rateable which makes it easy to want to read again. I have brought her first two books twice because I didn't get them on kindle which I now mainly use, so this allows me to re-read them much easier.

Since NA has burst into the publishing community, I have a few that I cannot get enough of. Tijan's books are one and another is Abbi Glines. I love the sea breeze series much more than Too Far, Perfection and Vincent Boys, I could keep on reading Cage York and Preston any day of the week. I just read these whenever I want a book to read about those two boys... which I admit has happened a lot this year, espically since now have those books in paperback and not e-book, because they on my iPod which has a very small screen to read on.

Now I don't know what is keeping me addicted to these books if it is the writing, the situations, the hot male characters or the fact that the contemporary ones are easy to relate to? NA is pretty much targeted at my age group, which I get because lots of older teenagers are going to university/college, moving out and going out on weekends etc. But sometimes the way some are written/what are about aren't that great. The two NA authors that I have mention are written great, which is probably why I am addicted to them more so than other NA's that I have read. 

I only included on contemporary series above and I love contemporary books, but I don't get as addicted to them like some others that I have mentioned. The reason why am probably addicted to the ones that I have listed above might be because of the really good looking males characters and I want to escape into a world where they exist, I don't know.

How I get over my crazy addiction with these books: read them. Once I read them I can go a few months or weeks without wanting to read them, which is great but sometimes when I am stressed, out of it, wanting to escape I come running back to these book worlds. This may because I know that they will always cheer me up or help me escape for a couple hours.

So I want to know what series/author are you addicted to and how you get past the addiction to start another book/series?

Keely xx

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