Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's a VA giveaway!

Hey everyone! Sorry about the MIA lately but it is that time of year to head back to uni, along with moving & having no internet but I am back (or will be more next week)! 

On Thursday the 20th of February the Australian VA movie premiere will be happening and I have been lucky enough to win a double pass + 2x copies of the VA movie soundtrack! I was so surprised to win this and I cannot wait for Thursday! Also somehow (no idea how this is all happening, the stars must be aligning because I win nothing all the time!) I have won a chance to meet Zoey Deutch & Lucy Fry at a Penguin Teen Aus event at Kino in Sydney on Wednesday! 

Yes so I was very lucky yesterday! But since I won two copies of the VA soundtrack and I only need one right? I'm hosting a giveaway! Now this giveaway is AUS ONLY because I am a poor broke uni student who cannot afford overseas postage, however INTL people look out for my 2nd blogoversy I might be possibly doing a giveaway that everyone can enter!

- Must be an Australian resident 
- Must be over 13 with Adult consent
- Must reply to the winner email in 48 Hours

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Great giveaway I hope I win! And my favourite VA Charatcer is Adrian cause you know Bloodlines :)

  2. I'm so excited to see you on Thursday!!! Hopefully all us Aussie bloggers get to meet each other. Great giveaway, if I had to choose for my fave character it would probably have to be Adrian...

  3. My favourite character is Rose. She's everything I admired. Strong, loyal, but also vulnerable.

  4. my favourite character is Natalie

  5. Rose, she gave me strength in my lowest of times and I can never thank Richelle enough for that!

  6. Thank you for the opportunity - I too love Rose.

  7. my favourite is Rose, I love how strong willed and determined she is.

  8. KEELY! Thanks heaps for the giveaway <3 I love Sydney and Adrian and Lissa i couldn't choose