Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review Time #54

Covert Interview by Missy Marciassa

After growing up feeling like the unwanted leftovers of her parents’ divorce, Elle Paquet is finally an independent adult when she graduates from college to become an Information Scientist (the 21st century term for Librarian). What’s her first “adult” decision? She nixes her ten-year plan of going to grad school and marrying her college sweetheart to go work for the CIA and see how things turn out with hot agent Preston Raddick.

While Elle’s formal education may be over, life lessons are only just beginning. Preston teaches her a tough lesson about what a fling is and what it isn’t. Meanwhile, the CIA wants to know if she’s merely interested or truly committed to the agency. And are her skills up for the job? When Elle is given an assignment that tests her loyalty to her family and endangers herself and her loved ones, she learns that affiliation with the CIA means excitement can turn to danger at the drop of a hat, just as love can turn to heartbreak. Life as an adult is far harder than Elle ever imagined as she wrestles with unforeseen complications and new opportunities.

Covert Interview is about the unpredictable turns life can take.

I loved Covet Assignment and reading Covert Interview was no different. What I loved about this book we got to see a stronger side to Elle who is no longer relying on others to keep her safe which is great. Preston shows Elle what a fling exactly is & takes off on an assignment to who-knows-where doing who-knows-what.

Elle is now a CIA analyst on a 90 day probation period and isn't working out at Langley. Instead her cover is that she works for the Library of Congress helping Univeristy Libraries in D.C, Norfolk and Charlotte. The great thing for Elle is that she is dong something she loves whilst still doing data analyst things for the CIA. In Norfolk she meets a JAG lawyer Lyle in speed dating (yea I know) and sparks up at relationship with him when she is in Norfolk because her fling with Preston is over (I am not happy about this). 

With only a few people knowing that she actually works for the CIA, she has to make sure that what she says stays hidden & safe. When a mission hits close to home for Elle she has to decided whether or not that this is the right job for her, making her second guess everything. 

The opening scene really sets the tone of the work with analyst Elle being targeted like she was a field operative she wants what is best for her & her safety. I loved seeing Elle grow as a character and trying new things (i.e. speed dating) it was also great to see how well she bounced back from heartbreaking decisions. The ending made me really excited for the next Covert book: Covert Cover Cracked!

Thanks Netgally & Missy Marciassa!

Rating: 4 to 5/5

Keely xx

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