Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'm back!

Hey everyone!

I am finally back after the craziness of this last month, I have never been so happy to have a four month break! Four months of absolutely nothing, well hopefully some work somewhere, but no uni work at all. I won't have to think about what muscles are where, what they do, what they are connected to and I won't have to analyse human movement! I love my degree but like any science degree it is full on and the amount things I have learnt this year is crazy. I have my final exam tomorrow afternoon (see procrastination is kicking in) then my second year of university is officially done! 

I have gotten a few review books in this last month which I haven't been able to read and review, so I am looking forward to reading them. I also have bought a couple books here and there, I defiantly did when I was in Sydney for a week of university games! I will put them in my October wrap up which will also include September since at the end of September was final week of classes, university games and assignments due like crazy. 

I am going home to this beautiful sight!

In November I am going to Sydney Author Event so I am super excited for this to meet a lot of my favorite adult authors! I am also moving back home this weekend so hopefully once I have unpacked, read a review book and have relaxed a review should be up next week (fingers crossed!). I have been so stressed this last month it is beyond crazy and I have somehow (who knows how) managed a distinction average this semester which could also somehow see my GPA go from a 5 to almost a 6 (this is ridiculous, my lectures are crazy for me to be getting these marks).

So that is my little life update right now, let me know in comments what has been going on in your world lately, I know us Aussies are in final exams, HSC, end of year exams right now so life is going a bit crazy for everyone!

Keely xx

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