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Review Time #73

Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas 
Consumed by guilt and rage, Celaena can't bring herself to spill blood for the King of Adarlan. She must fight back...

The Immortal Queen will help her destroy the king - for a price. But as Celaena battles with her darkest memories and her heart breaks for a love that could never last, can she fulfil the bargain and head the almighty court of Terrasen? And who will stand with her?

Do not read this review if you haven't read Crown of Midnight because of spoilers for this book will appear!

I have FINALLY gotten around to reviewing the latest Throne of Glass book. I read this in May and it is now the end of November, I'm sorry I've been horrible at blogging this year. Now this will not be a normal review it will be split up into four parts because there is four separate story lines in Heir of Fire. I'll save the best for last:

Manon and the witches:
We meet a lot of new characters in Heir of Fire and Manon and the rest of the witches are just some of them. Manon is the granddaughter of the High Witch of the Blackbeak clan, she and the witches haven't flown in the sky since magic ceased in Adarlan. The King it seems is up to his old tricks by giving the witches "bulls" which have the ability to fly. 

There wasn't too much about this story in Heir of Fire but you can tell that the King is up to no good with this, hopefully we should see why the witches are important in book 4.

Dorian and Sorscha:
As we learnt in the previous book Crown of Midnight that Dorian has some magic in him. Chaol and Dorian have a bit of a falling out which causes Dorian to turn to Sorscha a healer at the castle to help him. I am saying no more without causing spoilers (sorry!).

Chaol and Aedion:
Aedion Ashryver, yep that is right he is Aelin's cousin. This friendship/alliance/we-won't-kill-each-other-pack-thing these two had going on did a lot to progression of the storyline. Chaol I hate your father and you need to make up your god damn mind on whose side you are on already! Aedion, I grew to like you because of how much you care about Aelin and want the best for her.

The ending of the Dorian, Sorscha, Chaol and Aedion story in this book was, I cannot even explain how crazy it was and I need book 4 because of it!

And lastly Aelin and Rowan
This was the main story of course and I loved how much Celaena/Aelin grew in this book. Celaena went to Wendlyn to find out from the Immortal Queen Maeve of the Fae about the Wardkeys and what they are. But of course Maeve being a Fae and all, she wants to know exactly what Celaena can do with her magic before letting her into Doranelle and telling her.

Rowan is in charge of training Celaena to help her get her magic back after being trapped for 10 years. I really loved the journey that Celaena took during Heir of Fire and Rowan really helped with that and unlocking Aelin from the mask the she created as Celaena. To see her become Aelin was fantastic and written beautifully. I want to say so much more about this topic but I really do not want to spoil the book for everyone :(

After Heir of Fire I am no longer Team Chaolena because of events during the book and understanding a bit more about everything. I guess I am Team Fire and Ice kinda because of stuff that happened that I want to talk about but I can't here :( I need book 4 because of the cliff-hangers (yep more than one). 

So if you have managed to make it through my not making any sense review, congratulations! Heir of Fire was a brilliant and you literally couldn't put the book down, Maas just has a way of words that drag you into the book and don't let you out until you have finished!

Thanks Bloomsbury for the eARC and ARC!

Rating: 5/5

Keely xx

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