Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Book Tag: Top 10 books that have stayed with me

Eugenia from Genie in a book has tagged me for this book tag! Now I'm cheating slightly because I have increased my list to 13 and which contains 9 Aussie authors!

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak 

I have loved this book ever since I read it year 9 and again for my HSC in year 12. The way it is written just sticks with you for a long time after finishing the story.

Wildfire by Fiona Wood

I could just connect with this book on so many levels and I really want to re-read this book!

Head of the River by Pip Harry

I think the main reason this has stuck with me is because of the drugs in sport aspect and studying what I study I just understood the characters and everything that they were going through.

Steal my Sunshine by Emily Gale

I love history and this novel brings light to an aspect of Australian history which I hadn't really learnt much about before.

Losing It by Julia Lawrinson

I read this book in year 12 which is the same year that the main characters were in so I connected a lot to this book and it was also hilarious. 

Everything Left Unsaid by Jessica Davidson

I cried more in this than TFiOS (I think I became immune to the whole teenager with cancer situation) and like before I also read this in year 12, the same year which the characters were.

Gracie Faltrain Gets it right (Finally) by Cath Crowley 

From this book I finally knew what I wanted to study at university and if it wasn't for this book I may of never found the degree that I am in.

Once, Then, Now by Morris Gleitzman

Set in WWII I started this series in year 8 where I also read Hitler's Daughter by Jackie French. These books helped me learn about history and love it.

Starfish Sisters by J.C. Burke

This book dealt which real teenager issues which as fantastic and it had to do with sport as well!

Speechless by Hannah Harrington 

This book was simply amazing and so relevant with everything that was going on in the world at the time.

Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter

This series got me reading again and this is where my love for spies started and how I started comparing all book boyfriends to Zach Goode because it is Zach.

Study Series by Maria V. Synder

This book is what got me into fantasy again after HP and this series also increased my love for spies (Valek <3)

Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally

I loved the focus on sport in this book and how Jordan dealt with being the only female on the football team and proving that girls can do it as well as the guys.

So that is my top 10 (13) books that have stayed with me! I tag:

Keely xx


  1. I love the books you've picked for this Keely! Especially the ones by Aussie authors - I enjoyed 'Steal My Sunshine' as well, and 'The Book Thief' was an amazing read :)

    1. It was so hard to choose 10 hence why I had 13! So many books were also from when I was in year 12 too as I found out