Thursday, January 15, 2015

Review Time #77

Jardine by Lessa Bow
At eighteen, Ava is sure she has found her soul mate in Jardine. Convincing their friends and family that what they have is more than just a crush, however, is an entirely different story. Jardine's parents have his life mapped out with plans that don't include Ava. 

Their plans to get into med school and start their future together crumble when cricket sensation Jardine is selected to play for the Australian team and expected to spend most of the year touring internationally. Ava knows since they agreed to follow their dreams, no matter the cost, she has to let Jardine go.

Ava also discovers a new inspiration to move on with her life. But can she keep it a secret from Jardine? If he discovers the truth, everything between them could be destroyed.

Jardine is the prequel novella to Bow's new series with the first book Caught Out releasing later this year.

Ava and Jardine have both just finished high school and waiting on their results to see if they get enough marks to get into med school. However, Jardine who is and up and comer in the cricket scene is looking to be selected in the Australian test side in the test series against India, the country which his grandfather played for. 

For Ava, not having her boyfriend around all the time is a hard adjustment and when a night out goes wrong she starts keeping secrets from Jardine. All Ava wants is for Jardine to follow his dream and with her secrets weighing down on her, she is unsure whether she should be with Jardine. I really enjoyed the romance between the two and you could see that they really cared about each other. I also loved the best friend relationship between Cleo and Ava, which I look forward to reading more about in Caught Out.

Jardine is a great prequel novella that makes you wish you had book 1 straight away & to what looks like will be a fantastic series by Bow. Caught Out book 1 in the series will be out later this year. 

Thankyou very much to Lessa for providing a review copy for me to read!

Rating: 4.5/5

Keely xx

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