Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 3: 7 Days of Ally Carter

Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover by Ally Carter
Cammie Morgan has a cover for every occasion. As a spy-in-training, aliases, phoney passports and fake IDs are a means of survival. But what happens when the ghosts of her past see through her flawless facade?

In her junior year at Gallagher Academy, Cammie continues to flirt with danger. When a national political convention turns into a trap, she is forced to lose her cover to save her best friend Macey - a major political target - from being kidnapped.

But are the kidnappers political extremists or something more sinister? And why has Zach, Cammie's mysterious (and totally hot) crush, suddenly returned?

With the help of an ex-Gallagher Girl, Cammie and her friends are determined to hunt down the group that threatens to tear apart their secret sisterhood apart.

This time it's personal...

During the summer before her junior year Cammie is invited to a political convention in Boston by her best friend Macey whose father is running for vice president. Little do they it is a trap. When Cammie, Macey and Preston are on a rooftop at the convention, they are apart of a kidnapping atempt but they don't know who is that target. Preston; future president's son? Macey; future vice-president's daughter and Gallagher Girl? Or Cammie; daughter of two spies, headmistress of Gallagher Academy and Gallagher Girl?

As they fight to stay a alive they have to lose their covers to save themselves and Preston from being kidnapped. Escaping narrowly with a head injury and a broken arm the girls are lucky to be alive. As Cammie's Aunt Abby comes to protect Macey from any threats that may come into the school they learn more and more about what really happened in Boston.

When Macey is made to go to Ohio for a presidential campagain, the junior CoveOps class is sent to observe the secret service, Cammie notices someone like her, a pavement artist, heading towards her best friend. Little does she know that it is a ghost from her past. Zach. As she trys to find out why Zach was there, the girls learn more and more about the schools history, their own history and who is really after them. They follow Macey throughout the campagain to find out the truth and when Zach keeps turning up they start to question him and who he really is.

Don't judge a girl by her cover, is the third book of Ally Carters Gallagher Girl series and one of the most revealing of what is to come. The characters are deeper, relationships are tested and ghost from Cammie's past are around every corner, and who is this group and who is it that they want? This book leaves you guessing until the end about who it is, who is that target and who is Zach really?

Stay tuned for another review tomorrow, Heist Society is tomorrow!

Rate: 5/5

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