Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 5: 7 Days of Ally Carter

Only The Good Spy Young by Ally Carter
Cammie Morgan always knew that being a Gallagher Girl (aka spy-in-training) would mean a life of risk and danger. She just didn't know that life would start before she'd even left high school...

But now that an acient terrorist organisation is dead-set on kidnapping her, even Cammie 'The Chameleon' can't hide. And when someone she trusts is labelled a rogue double-agent, Cammie feels like her whole world is falling apart.

Can she still count on her classmates? Her teachers? And what about her feelings for the totally hot (yet totally unpredictable) Zach?

This semester, Cammie and her friends must spy, hack and steal if they want to find out the truth.

Cammie's life depends on it...

Cammie and the gang is back but this time in more danger than ever. When Zach mysterioulsy shows up on Cammie's winter vacation with Bex in London, Cammie knows something is wrong. When Joe Solomon is labelled a rouge agent, Cammie dosen't know who to trust. With a new CoveOps teacher not teaching them anything, all he wants to know is about Joe Solomon. In following Joe's orders Cammie discovers a clue to what has been following her for six years. With Zach back and helping Cammie uncover what the circle wants with her. With a trip to where it all started Cammie, Zach and the team takes them on a dangerous journey which answers many of the un-answered questions that Cammie has.

With Cammie, Zach, Bex, Liz and Macey, along with some help from Rachel, Abby, Mr and Mrs Baxter we start to uncover some of Cammie's longest un-answered secrets. (Yes i know its short, but I had to try and keep it spoiler free)

Rate: 5/5

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