Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #5

This is a fun weekly meme hosted by the great girls over at Broke and Bookish. Every Tuesday will feature a new list, usually of up to ten books and our thoughts. It's a great way to learn about your fellow bloggers, their fave books and get more recommendations and more books to read. Plus who doesn't love a list?

Top Ten Characters I'd Crush On If I Were A Fictional Character:

1- Zach Goode- Gallagher Girls
It is no secret that I love Zach, he is an awesome spy and is always looking out for Cammie so what else do you need?

2- W.W. Hale the Fifth- Heist Society
Ally Carter sure knows how to write hot, smart and just plain awesome guys and Hale is just that.

3- Dimitri Belikov- Vampire Academy
Seriously who doesn't want him (well i guess expect team Adrian people) but come on, Russian, awesome fighter & breathtaking.

4- Jay Heaton- The Body Finder
Jay is your best friend who ends up more than your best friend who is always there for you and knows when your about to do something stupid.

5- Valek- Poison Study
Well he tries to kill you but then saves you then tries to kill you then falls in love with you and then saves you again. Just what you want.

6- Merrick Brothers- Storm & Spark

7- Mason Kade- Fallen Crest High
Football star, bad boy and just hot. Once he cares about you he will never let anyone hurt you.

8-Dean Holder- Hopeless
Because he will remember you even when you have been lost for over 10years.

9- Sam Henry - Catching Jordan
He is always there for you even when he isn't. 

10- Etienne St. Clair - Anna and The French Kiss
English Accent, can speak French, LOVES HISTORY (it's meant to be) and he just the nicest character out there expect when he is an asshat.

And that is my top ten characters i'd crush on!


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