Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review Time #42

United We Spy by Ally Carter

Cammie Morgan has one semester left until she graduates from the Gallagher Academy. Now she just has to stay alive that long.

In the heart-bounding conclusion to the bestselling Gallagher Girls series, Cammie faces her greatest mission yet. She finally knows why the terrorist organisation called the Circle of Cavan wanted her dead, but what they have planned next is even more terrifying. And if that isn't enough to worry about, Zach is who-knows-where, and his criminally insane mother is after Cammie.

The Gallagher Girls must sneak out (of the country), track down the Circle's elite members and stop them before they unleash a plot that will change Cammie- and the world- forever. (From Goodreads) 

"Tell me Cameron Ann Morgan, what do you want to be when you grow up?"... "Alive."

I have been reading the Gallagher Girls since I was 13 and in year 8 at school, I found the series at Brisbane airport where I was about to go on adventure to Cairns. That day was the first time I had ever flown on a plane and that day was also the day I found out about the Gallagher Girls. I am now 18 and in my first year of University and the final Gallagher Girls book is out. 

It is winter break, Cammie is with Bex, her mum and Bex's parents in London, of course they are on a mission with everything that has happened since Cammie came back from her summer holiday being tortured. They are on a hunt for the inner circle and of course they are very hard targets to get. 

Zach and Mr. Solomon are off on a lead, Agent Townsend and Abby on another and of course Catherine is out there with vengeance on her mind. For the girls it might be their last semester of their senior year, but it is about surviving to see graduation and the circle everywhere, even in the Gallagher Academy. 

United We Spy is so much more fast paced than any other book in the series. I read it on my kindle before my copy arrived and I felt myself going is this it? Dangerous missions that no-one can know about, traitors are everywhere and where ever you look the girls and Zach are in trouble. Travelling around the world to stop the inner circle and the original plan that Cavan had when he founded the group.

The characters, if possible, develop more so than ever before. We had Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover which had Macey's history spotlighted, Bex has had her story told over all six books, Out of Sight, Out of Time was really Cammie's book more so than the others and United We Spy was Liz's past, something that we didn't get a lot of in the other books. 

Cammie struggles with everything going on, she can't deal with people getting hurt and that graduation is literally just around the corner. The danger is everywhere and they can't hide from it when it involves saving the world from what the Circle of Cavan planned all those years ago. 

"I'm a spy, Cam. I was born to do this- to be this. It's in my blood. And I will do it until the day I die. It's who I am,"..."the thing is I don't think you realise is... it's who you are too."

United We Spy was a great ending to my favourite series, while I am sad that it all over I can still re-read the series. The secrets are all out, the future is rocky, graduation is almost here... it is time to finish things once and for all.

"What is a Gallagher Girl?"
"She's a genius, a scientist, a heroine, a spy.. A Gallagher Girls is whatever she wants to be."

Rating: 5/5

Thanks to Date a Book for the copy from last review of the month!

Keely xx

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