Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review Time #51

Keeping Her by Cora Carmack

What happens after the happy ending?

Garrick is over the moon that his girlfriend, Bliss, said yes. He's finally found the love of his life. That means his worries are over, right?

But when he invites her to visit London and meet his family, he is presented with a whole new set of problems. How will his privileged and wealthy family react to Bliss's unique brand of awkwardness?

Keeping Her is Losing It #1.5, the novella is set around a year after the end of Losing It and we get to see how Bliss & Garrick's relationship has progressed since they both moved on to performing in theatre. We get a glimpse into Garrick's old life back in London which is completely different to how he is living and working in the states.

For Bliss meeting his parents has made her a nervous wreck and only wants to please his family. Of course, Bliss being clumsy and just Bliss she makes a slight fool out of herself when she first meets his mother (not the best first impression). Bliss is a bit overwhelmed by everything that is in Garrick's life in London and when surprises happen, Garrick only does what he thinks is best for them but when really isn't what Bliss wants.

We get to see them struggle to work through differences of opinions, pressures of his family and friends. Keeping Her was a great insight into Garrick's life in London and how Bliss reacts to it all. While I wish it was a full novel, the novella doesn't disappoint and is worth reading even if you have already read Lossing It #2!

Rating: 4.5/5

Keely xx

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