Monday, December 9, 2013

50 Random Facts Tag

I saw this tag on Sunny's blog a Sunny Spot and I thought that this tag might help me get out of this lack of blogging lately.

1. My full name is Keely Lorraine Crosbie
2. I just finished my first year of uni studying a B. of Exercise and Sports Science (Clinical Exercise Physiology) which is changing next year to B. of Exercise Physiology
3. I love sport, I even watched the first match of Ashes last week & the Australian Open for Golf
4. I am a volunteer surf life saver and I love it
5. I love playing soccer and waterpolo
6. My favourite animals are Dolphins
7. Last time I went to the beach with my friends and they decided that I was part Dolphin
8. My favourite authors is Ally Carter, Maria V. Snyder and Richelle Mead
9. I am slightly addicted to twitter
10. Amazon should not have 1-Click buying because I by way too many ebooks that I shouldn't
11. I hate winter, summer is my favourite season
12. I find it strange that I have 4 months off uni
13. I recently got a new job working at a pool on a waterslide
14. I LOVE NCIS, BONES, Greys Anatomy, Castle and Body of Proof
15. My mum has told me that my presents from now on will having something to do with furniture or appliances so when I move out I have something 
16. Apparently only having me live at home for 5months a year is 5 to many
17. Moving out of home and going to a country uni has been the best decision I have made
18. I can't wait to start uni next year because of the units I get to do
19. Blue is my favourite colour
20. Since finishing High School last year I only still talk to my two best friends 
21. I love mystery & murder books (no I am a psychopath)
22. It is already a few days into December and my advent calender has no chocolate left... (I'm addicted)
23. I really can't wait to see Catching Fire again!
24. A uni friend got me addicted to Youtube and Youtuber's

25. I procrastinate a lot
26. I helped a friend with his psych conclusion & then he did better than me
27. I hated psychology
28. I am addicted to my Kindle
29. I am slowly moving towards NA and Adult books but I will always come back to YA
30. I want more sport focused YA books, see how sport's obsessed I am?
31. I love spies hence why I love Gallagher Girls and the TV show Covert Affairs
32. Zachary Goode has been one of my favourite book boyfriends since I've read Cross my heart and hope to spy
33. I think after reading Secret that Nick Merrick has beaten him
34. Elementals is one of my new favourite series, I can't get enough
35. I have finished too many good series this year, and some bad ones
36. I love the beach, I spend a lot of my summer there or in my nans pool
37. I tried to enrol for next years classes today and it was horrible because my timetable has clashes and I can't can not take the units
38. If I didn't remind my two friends from college who do my degree that we have test etc. due they might actually forget
39. My brother drives me crazy a lot, but I still love him
40. I can't wait to go back to Europe and see more than the UK & France
41. I really want to go to Cambodia and see the killing fields after studying them in Modern History
42. If I wasn't doing my degree I would be majoring in History & Political Science
43. But I am too much of a science kid do arts
44. One day I would love to work with a national sporting team doing either exercise & sports science, exercise physiology or physiotherapy
45. I only want to do my masters because I finally be able to do what I really want which is physiotherapy
46. I somehow read incredibly fast, most avg. sized paperbacks will take me 2-3hpurs
47. I have currently read 216 books this year, not including the 100+ I've re-read
48. My quote wall has expanded to have holiday photos, uni photos, postcards & a Four poster
49. I have an obession with postcards, that is what I always buy when I visit a new place
50. I am super orgainised which comes in handy when I have a lot of things I need to balance out

So that is 50 random facts about me and I actually managed to write 50! Link me below in the comments if you have done this tag so I can check it out!

Keely xx

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