Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Wrap Up

Hey everyone! I went to write some posts earlier this week but my laptop decided to die on me, not very happy about this because I go back to uni today and I have to use the school laptop that was given to all year 9 public school students back in 2009! We don't get along very well, it has a habit of not working for me, but now it needs to last until October when the uni year is over.

So this month in June was a busy one for me, I finished my first semester of uni, came home for my three week holiday and went to the Penguin Teen Australia Live at Kino in Sydney! It was great fun for me because I finally got to met Kim and Kerrie from two girls and a novel and Jaz from fiction in fiction! Also earlier in the month Abbi Glines was in Australia, while I couldn't go to the event because I still had one final exam left, Kim who is amazing and is my spy friend (seriously just check out twitter we went crazy a few weeks back!) Got me two signed Abbi Glines books!!!!

What I bought:

  • Between the Lives by Jessica Shivington
  • Because of Low by Abbi Glines
  • Deadly Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock
  • Grave Mercy by R.L. LaFevers
  • Slide by Jill Hathaway
  • Where You Are by Tammara Webber
  • Steal my Sunshine by Emily Gale
The e-books:
  • Ryan Hunter by Piper Shelley
  • Forever Too Far by Abbi Glines
  • The Unofficial Story of Kyle B. Johnston by J.C. Isabella
  • One week girlfriend by Monica Murphy
  • Second chance boyfriend by Monica Murphy
  • The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken
  • Stealing Harper by Molly McAdams
  • Lost and Found by Nicole Williams
  • The Game Changer by J. Sterling
  • Fallen Crest Family by Tijan
  • Broken and Scared by Tijan
  • Smitten by Lacey Weatherford 

  • While it Lasts and Just for Now by Abbi Glines both sined copies!
Thanks Kim!! <3

  • The First Third by Will Kostakis which is also signed because at the PTA Live event he was there signing his new book which is out in July! Also he is pretty funny and the book is pretty dam good!
So that is my massive June wrap up, as you can she I have been busy and hope to write some more posts this coming weeks because I now have a laptop to use and this semester should be better for me blogging wise, but then again it is silly season at college this term which means lots of events and ball too!

So what is in your IMM/Wrap Up? Link me!

Keely xx

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review Time #36

Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend by Louise Rozett

Rose Zarelli has big plans for sophomore year—everything is going to be different. This year, she’s going to be the talented singer with the killer voice, the fabulous girl with the fashionista best friend, the brainiac who refuses to let Jamie Forta jerk her around...

...but if she’s not careful, she’s also going to be the sister who misses the signals, the daughter who can only think about her own pain, the “good girl” who finds herself in mid-scandal again (because no good deed goes unpunished) and possibly worst of all...the almost-girlfriend.

When all else fails, stop looking for love and go find yourself.

It's sophomore year and it is Rose 2.0 out, well at least that is what she wants. Jamie was radio silent over summer after his night in jail and Rose doesn't know what to think. After trouble at the swim team initiation, Rose is once again public enemy number one, with Regina's brother this time the cause of it. 

This time around Rose is struggling with her voice and who she is, it is what is the most relate able concept in the confessions series, finding out who you are. She doesn't know what is going on with Jamie, fighting with her mum at group therapy, dealing with the fact that her brother is doing drugs, her best friend is keeping a secret and dealing with what she did at the swim team party.

Rose changed in this one, she isn't angry anymore about what happened to her dad, even though she knows that he was staying for a year instead of six months like he promised. Her mother is pushing for her to take down the site, the one thing that makes her feel close to her dad. Her brother has been absent since the summer which he was partying it up with his girlfriend. Jamie didn't say a word all summer, now finally seeing him again has brought up feelings that she hasn't felt before and is confused as to what is going, something that every teenage girl can relate to.

Tracey and Rose go through a kind of major dilemma in which Rose over reacts to but then again I couldn't blame her. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie he is protective this time around and isn't seen as much as I would like. The way he acts around Rose, Regina and Conrad is the same as a bear looks after a bear cub (okay bad analogy but you get the point) he doesn't want anyone else getting hurt and well that is his fatal flaw (when you read it you will get it and if you have read anything by Shakespeare) he doesn't care about his himself. Angelo is back and well he would have to be one of the biggest influences in helping Rose find out who she is without even knowing it. The ending will leave you hanging onto for more, so I cannot wait for confession #3 to be out!

The aspects of an angry girl are continued through an almost-girlfriend, with the bullying, harassment and this time around the issue of homophobia. These themes that are addressed in an almost-girlfriend are happening everyday in high schools around the world and every teen can relate to these themes, this and the writing is what makes the book a fantastic read for every teen to read and understand why what is happening to them or what they are doing is wrong.

Thanks to Harlequin Teen for the review copy from netgalley!

Rating: 5/5

Keely xx

Top Ten Tuesday #6

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there is a new topic and we all share our thoughts on that topic! 

For this week on Top Ten Tuesday, the topic is:

Top Ten Books at the top of my Summer(Winter for me) TBR list!

1) Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Mass
2) Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend by Louise Rozett (confession I read this last night, guys it is as good as the first one!)
3) The Liberator by Victoria Scott
4) Forever too Far by Abbi Glines
5) An Endless Summer by C.J. Duggan 
6) The Distance Between Us by Kasie West
7) The Game Changer by J. Sterling
8) Smitten by Lacey Weatherford
9) Consumed by Emily Snow
10) Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover 

Keely x

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Review Time #35

Georgetown Academy Book 4 by Alyssa Schwartz and Jessica Etting

The Georgetown Academy series is back with another installment which has been release TODAY!!! Also out today from the series is the release of season one, so if you haven't read anything of the Gtown series yet (which you totally should!) you go to Amazon and buy the first FOUR books in the series in one go! How awesome is that? Since I was apart of the cover reveal for book 4, I was given a review copy of Georgetown Academy 4 and as apart of the release I am here to post my review! Also don't forget about the 30 things that we love about GA on

When the vice president resigns and Ellie and Taryn’s parents emerge as the frontrunners, the girls find themselves back in the spotlight.

Ellie could not care less about becoming the Second Daughter, but she knows how much the opportunity to make history means to her mother – and women everywhere. With her family taking center stage, Ellie must decide whether she can put her feelings for Gabe on hold - again.

Taryn, so used to captivating the hearts and minds of everyone she meets, is unbothered by the increased media scrutiny. But an inopportune screw-up has her beholden to an unlikely – and unfriendly – source for help. 

Overnight, Evan has skyrocketed from social pariah to Miss Popular. As she and her reluctant parents adjust to her new lifestyle, the last thing she needs is a front-page scandal.

Brinley can’t stop thinking about her Stowe-bound hook-up…until her father’s intern, Patrick, starts flirting. Is it time to abandon her fling now that she has a more appropriate suitor?

With the second highest office in the land up for grabs, everyone is picking sides. But where does the heart lie when duty, truth, and love collide?

Ellie and Taryn are back in the spotlight when there parents are named frontrunners in the race for vice president, Brinley is still hung up on her Stowe hook up and with the interest shown from Patrick who is a better fit her world and Evan is finally with Hunter but will picking up the wrong coat change her life forever?

Ellie has to put her feelings behind her about Gabe, so that she doesn't ruin her chances at becoming the vice president. But when they said that they wouldn't get involved in their parents political drama, that didn't include with what Ellie's mum says about Gabe's when she is taking a stab his father. However, sometimes it might just be better if she just tells her mother the truth about Gabe and everything that has happened between them.

Taryn and Brooks seem to be getting all well, but when Brinley's dad is in charge of his fathers media campaign, Brinley and Brooks are in charge of Taryn making sure that doesn't say anything that she shouldn't in front of the cameras. But when a scandal that ruin her fathers chance of becoming vice president she doesn't know whether or not she should fess up or let someone else take the blame.

Evan is finally with Hunter and everything seems perfectly fine, expect that her parents want her to spend more time at home, studying, volunteering, not off with Hunter at some socialite party. When she takes the wrong coat from the party she finds what she thinks is mints, not pot candies. Driving Hunters car home from the party she crashes because of the 'mints', when she confesses to Hunter about the coat, he tries to get the person responsible to fess up about what happened.

Brinley doesn't know what to do about the boy drama that she has going on right now, especially when Shane is still texting and Skyping her, then there is Patrick someone for suited for her lifestyle. With her father siding with Taryn's family she has to look like that her and Taryn are friends in public and showing her the ropes of the media. For once Brinley isn't the one with the scandal following her since she kicked her habit, which allows everyone to see a new side of her.

Georgetown Academy 4 is best one yet, scandals, relationships blooming & failing, a vice presidential race and well some characters get what they want & deserve. Once you start you won't stop until your done, following each character through there story is the only way that you will be able to put down  the ebook! 

Rating: 5/5

Keely xx


Hey everyone!!! Great news I have finished my first semester of university and now have a two and half week break! So that means while I am hopefully working, I will be posting more regularly than I have being, I have a few reviews that need to be going up and some books that need to be read. So will I am packing up my room tomorrow I will more than likely be procrastinating that and writing my Spirit review which I need to do. 

I have become slightly addicted in pinterest so I think I am going to have to share my favorite ones! They are mainly Gallagher Girls because I have been having a big re-read lately and on twitter last week Kim from two girls and a novel were tweeting a lot of GG related tweets, as well as getting others onto the GG train!

 Anna and the French Kiss

The Fault in Our Stars

Vampire Academy 

Gallagher Girls

 So you see I kind of went crazy with these quotes... some have made it to my quote wall which is now going to be going the other wall at this rate! The last few GG quotes have led me to ask WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN BUENOS AIRES! And when will I find out!

So that's it for my random update with random stuff! Later today my review of Georgetown Academy 4 will be up!

Keely xx

Saturday, June 8, 2013

May Warp Up!!

Hey everyone, I'm here today with my May wrap up! So this is basically my IMM for the month (IMM is hosted by Kristy @thestorysiren)!

May has been a busy month, back to uni for second term, tests every three weeks for Bio and Chem and then last week I have to do four tests plus a maths assignment, so that was my week gone from me. This week I have just completed three out of four of my final exams for my first trimester of uni! After getting a timetable 20x worse than my HSC I have been studying like crazy because three exams in four days is crazy. Yesterday I spent the day watching movies and reading some books, 7 movies & 2 books later I was out of it to write this post.


  • My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent
  • Twist of Fate by Kelly Mooney
These books where from iBooks on iTunes for FREE! Aussies get onto this limited of time offer with iTunes because you can get so many more including the goddess test AND touch of power too!!
  • Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead (this book was awesome! Review is up on the blog!)
  • The First Third by Will Kostakis (cannot wait to read this guys!)
Thankyou Penguin Aus for these!!

From publisher:
As you guys know I participated in the Georgetown Academy four cover reveal and giveaway which is STILL going! Enter it for your chance to win GA 1-4 and Amazon gift cards!! 
  • Georgetown Academy Four by Alyssa Schwartz and Jessica Etting
Tune into the blogs on Tuesday 11th of June for my review of GA4 for its release!!

Thankyou Coliloquy for the review copy!

And lastly while I have read the book and have it, Ada Adams 'ReVamped' Revamped! Cannot wait to read this new version of the book! Thanks Ada for sending it to me!

As of Tuesday I will be free of uni for two and a half weeks! So the blog will be getting some posts up! Don't forget Sydney people the Penguin Teen Live event is on June 24th! Cannot wait to go!

Keely xx

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review Time #34

Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead
In a futuristic world nearly destroyed by religious extremists, Justin March lives in exile after failing in his job as an investigator of religious groups and supernatural claims. But Justin is given a second chance when Mae Koskinen comes to bring him back to the Republic of United North America (RUNA). Raised in an aristocratic caste, Mae is now a member of the military’s most elite and terrifying tier, a soldier with enhanced reflexes and skills. 

When Justin and Mae are assigned to work together to solve a string of ritualistic murders, they soon realize that their discoveries have exposed them to terrible danger. As their investigation races forward, unknown enemies and powers greater than they can imagine are gathering in the shadows, ready to reclaim the world in which humans are merely game pieces on their board. 

Gameboard of the Gods, the first installment of Richelle Mead’s Age of X series, will have all the elements that have made her YA Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series such megasuccesses: sexy, irresistible characters; romantic and mythological intrigue; and relentless action and suspense. (from goodreads)

There is no secret about the fact that I love Mead's Vampire Academy & Bloodlines series, so when I saw that her new series would be in the Adult genre I jumped two feet first to see if I would love it, and well if there is anything that Mead knows how to do is to create romance, strong female characters who-will-kick-your-arse-literally, kickass scenes and swoon-worthy main characters.

The story is told from three perspectives, Mae Koskinen who is a Praetorian, a soldier, Dr Justin March who is a servitor and Tessa who is brought over from a colony with Justin to become his protege. Mae is sent to retrieve Justin from where he was banished to, to get him to help out with the seemingly religious orientated murders have taken place back in the RUNA. Where it differs from Mead's usual YA situations, it is an Adult book with the influence that drugs, alcohol and sex play a part in. 

Mae and Justin start off on the wrong foot, before they even knew who each other were they sleep together, and there relationship goes down hill from there. They are forced to work together, and the secret that Justin keeps from Mae affects there whole relationship, trying to find out who or what is responsible for the ritualistic killings that have been taking place in RUNA.

The influence that the paranormal world is out there and is subtle as no one in the RUNA believes that there are gods out there (expect those who have a house of worshiping), Justin himself believes in it. It plays a major part in who the characters are and why they are like they are even if they themselves do not know it all.

Justin is a drinker, drug addict and sleeps with someone new every other day of the week. He may be brilliant in what he does but he does have some dark issues that come from this whole concept that they are all pieces on the Gods gameboard. Mae being who she is, is genetically advanced and is afraid of any sort of commitment which you see in the first few chapters. She has a dark side which makes her violent and even more aggressive when it comes to fighting. Tessa is a colony girl who is smart and like Justin she can sense that people aren't telling the truth through their voice and body language. She takes a backseat in the main storyline but her influences & abilities help out when needed.

Gameboard of the Gods is a mixture of action, paranormal, dystopian and romance. Once you start you will not be able to stop with Mead's addictive writting style and her way of creating a world which you just sink into.

Thanks Penguin Aus for the e-arc on netaglley!

Rating: 4.5/5

Keely xx